Well here we go.

I turned on my computer and the following happened:
1. Microsofts loading screen came up.
2. It then showed the background screen for login.
3. After a few seconds and then minutes no login user icons showed up.
4. I hit all manor of keystroke and mouse. All failed but hitting Shift 5 times did give me the sticky window option.

I then hit the power switch for 5 seconds and it powered down.

I rebooted and went into safe mode and the following happened:
1. Several files were loaded and scrolled by.
2. A smaller box was shown with safe mode in the corners.
3. After a few seconds they disappeared and an envelope sized white box appeared.
4. As above I did every manor of keystroke but nothing this time.

The above was the same for safe mode with prompt and with network.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry about the delay I will give the Seagate Drive tools a test. Oh and what does activity life span mean?