Heres what i need. I play FPS's like BF1942. I have no computer.

So i was thinking of buying some bundle from like compaq?
and putting a new vid card and upgrading the ram.

Is this a good idea?

I was planning on the comp bundle to be around $500-600.

and spending about 200 on the vid card.. and another 100 on ram..

Well this is what im doing.. and I need someone to point me to the
best comp for what I need. from best buy or WHERE ever.

Can anyone HELP ??

try some custom pc sites, there are quite a few around, another bet would be somewhere like Dell or Tiny, but i'm english so i don't know whether they deliver over there

Dell do not surea about Tiny.

If you wanna go the full hog then is your place!

I would avoid name brand PCs if gaming is the goal. Purchasing locally assembled systems can get you much more machine for the same price.

Yeah but the thing is, with a name brand PC you're getting official windows software that you can verify, and be happy! and you can get a warranty, you have to be careful with locally assembled PC's because they can have pirated versions of windows..

Silly sausage. All you need to do is ensure that the OEM Windows CD is supplied along with the machine.

Edit: Having Windows supplied with such a system is usually a reasonably small extra cost ;)

Fair enough.. you win!

mine's custom anyway, i need a new one though cuz HDD is 18.6 gig

Anyway it works fine, it runs ET and i can download stuff so :-)

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