A friend was recently hijacked and with the help of the folks from that forum was able to get everythng cleaned off. At this point the pc is clean as a whistle - well it can't actually whistle, but I digress.

In any event, when I start IE, I get an popup box stating the following:
"A Runtime Error has occurred - Do you wish to Debug? Line 1 Error: Invalid Character" It then allows me to debug or not and I say no. The same error pops up again, I say no and go to my homepage -

My homepage is also a bit wierd these days. While the text shows up, there is no blue background and none of the shading for different areas is there. On this page, the purple banners would be missing.

I have gone in and told the system that IE is not installed and re-run the install process for IE 6.0.2800 SP1 and still get the same error. Note that the page is the only page this happens on When I switched my homepage to yahoo, it came up fine, but when I go back to, it looks like compost.

Any thoughts anyone might have would be greatly appreciated
- - agavzy

Seems to be fixed!

Thanks for the link - we can close the thread now:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :) :)

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