I do not post here to send here. When using a shared network drive, win7 does not remember any other computer passwords and when running applications with SQL Server connections win7 does not remember SQL Server's user / pass, SQL Server connection type is ODBC, you know how to fix this error ?

To me this is proper operation. Windows did seem to remember network shares but not SQL connections. Nothing seems wrong here.

If you wanted to put more code in your apps to remember this, you could and I'm sure folk will remind you of the dangers that lie there.

Follow you to what to restore this error ?

@dongtrien. Since it is not an error (SQL connection question) there is nothing to fix. If your apps need to ask and keep the login info, the person who wrote that app needs to add code to do so.

Previously I used winxp without this phenomenon, now I do not use winxp and instead of win7, according to you winxp and win7 there is no difference?

I'm just an author with some SQL server background and I can write that at no time did XP remember SQL connections UNLESS it was in the app that needed to use SQL.

If such an app had a remember the SQL connection and you changed OSes then you might have to tell this app to remember the connection but as I don't see the app in this discussion all I can do is write in generic terms.