What do you think is the best way to download legal music. I see a bunch of sites saying its one cent per song or something really cheap, but i dont know if its legal. Itunes is the probably the easiest answer, but in my opinion i think 1 dollar per song is a little much. So if you know of a good way to get cheap legal music that would be very helpful. Thanks.

Truthfully, IMO, I think buying the CD itself is better then iTunes. Then again, if ya don't want the entire album...

For most reputable, you're right, iTunes is always good to go with.

I don't trust those "one cent per song" either, as ya said.

You might want to try out Yahoo (I think it's yahoo), or the new Napster, where ya pay like $20 a month for an unlimited songs.

Yeah i was looking at getting napster. Its 15 a month for unlimited downloads, which is really good so ill prob get that. Thanks

Haha no problem.

Good luck with it. :)

Ok so i got the free trial of napster to go. I go to search for a song and they have it, but it says i have to buy it for 99 cents. I thought for 15 dollars you could download as many songs as you want into your library. Is there something im doing wrong, or you you have to pay 15 a month to be able to download unlimited songs for 99 cents which would be ridiculous. Or is it just because im in a trial. It lets me download only a few songs for free, so are you only able to download certain songs for free, or what.

Hmm...that's a good question. And seeing I don't know the answer...we'll wait for somebody else to post ;)