I am setting up a PC for my sister to use... I took an old HDD and restored it in my own eMachine, then swapped it to a HP Pavilion 8250... the problem is, it won't go beyond the basic VGA PCI adapter driver, and the resolution is stuck in Safe Mode setting. I can't seem to locate a driver I need, and the shops here want to stick me with a good bill to do this.... Where can I find something I cansave to a 3.5" floppy and then use in that PC rather then go online... I want to keep it bug free until it's protected.

I tried to install Win98 but it refused, citing I need an upgrade from ME, rather odd I thought, but I have heard 98 SE came out AFTER ME because of the problems with it

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...I have heard 98 SE came out AFTER ME because of the problems with it

No, SE was released to address problems with earlier releases of 98; the only thing released to address the problems ME has was a device called a hammer. :mrgreen:

Seriously though- if you can give us the make/model/version/revision of the video card, we may be able to point you to appropriate drivers.

Well, I noted with XP running, which is very useful but slipped my mind...in Device Manager, the 2001 dated drivers that XP uses listed the proper ATI mobo integrated chipset for graphics as 264VT2 PCI.
Since Windows ME was only having problems with the cards (Soundblaster audio PCI and modem boards) the other was the video adapter driver, ME drivers dating as '2000', I find it odd the choices were sio limiting, considering the HP PC itself is literally date stamped as 1997!
I had to figure one of the ATI graphic options should work, as most are in order of features, I looked around the middle of options... I think it was Rage II PCI option (IIRC) that rebooted and allowed the full graphics parameters to function. I'm not sure it's foulproof, but it hasn't shown any ill-effects.

The more pressing issue I now have is a replacement for the AM 37 FIC mobo used in eMachines from 2003, an aBit VA-10. I bought this to support the AMD chip and memory from the dead eMachine, using a new case for it though. I got the board with no cables, manual or disks. I was however, able to download the manual today... the tech service emailed me to say I need the disk to load drivers and they assume I am using the old T2482 HDD already formatted from that machine...Which is not the case, I did have to reformat it as it would not read affectively. I used my own eMachine 700 eTower disks, which is what I was doing for the HP described above. This practice is not endorsed in anyway by the companies, I'm sure, but I tried all other manner or disk rescue I had available...non worked other then using my own System Restore disks. For many years they just sat, never being used... they actually gave me my computer back in less time then installing fresh from one of Microsoft's disks! I was dumbfounded. It employs Norton's Ghost, dating to 2000, but still impressively fast, and recovered a drive I thought was useless

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