We have a two small office locations with a total of 4 computers. We are looking for a way to make some security changes in the office in an inexpensive way.
What we would like to do is:

  • Allow only the chrome brower to be active
  • restrict browsing ability to only allowed websites
  • Allow access to a folder on the desktop with pertanent files they need
  • remote control access for logging in and assisting when the need arises
  • disable installation of any software
  • disable dowloading from any browser

Any thoughts on this would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
We privously used the chrome profile account settings and that worked until they took it away and stopped supporting it.
we have used teamviewer for remote desktop but since we have 6 computers they started limiting sessions to 5 minutes.

I worry here. Your entry level IT staffer should be able to handle the first two requests. Let's tear into the first two.

  1. Allow only the chrome brower to be active
    Remove rights for any other browser. Done. This is basic OS management skills. I'll pause on that.

  2. restrict browsing ability to only allowed websites
    Another kind of easy. Change the DNS to your own DNS Server and only give the resolution to just the sites you allow.
    Install a firewall and only allow white listed IPs.

The real fix is to make the company policy clear. Be sure to make violation of the company rules clear. Just put it in writing and have they sign they accept that breaking the rules is terms for immediate dismissal.