Hi, thanks for reading this post.

2 days ago my computer started getting slower, freezing and today I cannot do anything, it takes a long time to start, to open a window, etc, I tried to run an antivirus in safe mode but after clicking on the user the destop cannot load and it restarts.

If anyone has an idea what the problem could be and how to fix it, because I cannot go to safe mode so I have no idea of how to make run any program, I really don't want to wipe everything out, or maybe it is the end of my hard drive?


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My first guess would be a faulty hard drive.corrupted partition, closely follow by virus infection.
First try using your XP CD and boot into repair mode and then run a CHKDSK
Then download a copy of AVG Rescue CD ad burn to CD or a USB stick, boot from that and do a full scan after updating.

" and boot into repair mode and then run a CHKDSK"!!
Boot into Recovery Console and....
chkdsk /r

Thank you, working on it! will let you know when I'm done

Well, chckdsk finished the first task of 3, could not start the second task
AVG rescue CD showed this error
2250 segmentation fault
I don't know what that means but I don't like that error...

:). Seg faults..
If that was a software error occurring while running Windows, you would have received a Windows Stop Message [a blue screen] because of the memory access violation.
Could be issuing from a corrupt (hardware) device driver? Anyway, that's a coding error somewhere.
Don't like chkdsk not completing.... you might go the the hdd manufacturer's site and download their disk diagnostics software.
Good luck.

Thank you Gerbil!
I will check the hdd manufacturer's site
Thanks for your time!!!!

Something weird, I tried the installation disc, I tried to repair windows, that let me go into safe mode and run chkdsk and then avg disc, both completed ok with no segment error... was that a virus? or just an error somewhere?
It doesn't matter I guess, good news I did not have to re-install everything and loose everything.
Thanks for your help!
have a good day!

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