I recently replaced an internal HDD and installed a fresh copy of Win XP. A copy of the old C drive is on an external HDD. (I should not run any executables from the old copy.) I had extensive folders and files in the Outlook Folder List on the old setup and would like to recover them to the new system from the external drive. However, I don't have the first idea on how to find or identify them. Can someone tell me the way to replace these folders and files?

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C:\Documents and Settings\[yourusername]\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook


C:\Documents and Settings\[yourusername]\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

Should be able to import the *.PST, or copy the files into your new profile.

GL - Dave

Thanks, Dave. However, after [myusername], there is only one subfolder, Local Settings, which has only one subfolder, Application Data, which has only one subfolder, Microsoft. The Microsoft folder contains only one subfolder, CD Burning, which holds a copy of my Quicken backup files. There is no Outlook subfolder nor anything else. Since I could use these folders and files before the change of hard drives, they must exist somewhere else on the old drive. A search of the external HDD for *.pst and turned up archive files in My Documents, one of which may be useable as a source of the missing files. However, since they are .PST files, I can't open them to examine the contents and I don't want to overwrite the files I have in the new copy of Outlook. What will happen if I copy one of the archive files and paste it into the new Outlook? Besides, when I look in C:\Documents and Settings\[myusername]\ there is no Application Data subfolder nor a Local Settings subfolder (nor a Microsoft subfolder). Where would I put the copied file? Mystified

Apologies, I should have explained further.

In My computer, under the "Tools" menu, go to "folder options". On the "View" tab, you will find the option to select either;

- "Hide hidden folders"
-"Show hidden folders".

Change your settings to the latter (Show), and you will see these folders.

When I said C:\.... I meant the external drive letter. You should be able to find these folders there, again they will be hidden.


To import old Archive folders, close Outlook and right-click the Desktop, or Start menu Outlook icon, (only these will work), and select properties.

"Solution for ver2003"

Select "Data Files" > Add........


For other files (Not Archive). I Haven't tried this, but should work...

Try in Outlook, File > Import and Export > Import from another program of file > NEXT > "Personal Folder .PST" > NEXT > ..........


I'm sorry for my earlier limitted responce.

Regards, David

Hello, mm in some case is better to make a backup of emails, but none of us do. So, the only way that you can recover your lost files in Outlook could be with a recovery tool.

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