I have read a topic about this, but I am not having the same problems. I suppose it is not serious, but it did happen yesterday. When I booted up, it brought me to a screen saying that Fat32 needs to be checked for consistancy. This does not happen every time I boot up though.

I have not checked it for consistancy, either, because I read somewhere that that froze someone's computer up, and I didn't want to cause any more problems.

I installed a new hard drive several months ago, and after that's when I noticed it. (This also may have started after I installed the new CD/DVD drive, I am not sure though.) I would also appreciate it if someone could tell me what Fat32 is.

Also, another problem has arose and I am wondering if it is linked to it, but since I really don't know what Fat32 is, I think I should make a seperate topic for that problem. It has to do with my CD drive...I kinda don't think the two are linked though.

I'm really sorry if this is not a big deal...but if someone could help me I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

FAT32 is your hard disk's file system. A file sustem is what determines how the OS stores data. Regarding your question about checking for inconsistencies, you don't have to worry about that. This happens when invariably a logical error occurs on the disk. Windows then runs the chkdsk (Check Disk) utility to resolve these errors. 99% of the time, Windows does resolve these errors and you don't have to do a blamed thing. However, sometimes, due to a failing disk, bad sectors develop. These are physical errors and cannot be fixed. Windows instead marks these sectors as bad and does not use them for storing data. If this does happen, Windows will notify you. So relax, and if you see the chkdsk screen again, let it complete. It will not harm your system in any way.

Okay, I see. That helps a lot. Next time it comes up, I will do that. Thank you very much. =)