Ok so here is my dilemma, when im watching a movie or youtube or anything, i use the HD Audio Device which is the default device to use when listening to something. When i switch to my Corsair headphones, the volume still comes from my speakers and not the headphones. If i disable the speakers, then no sound comes out. If im watching a movie using VLC and switch devices, i have to go under the audio setting in VLC and change from stereo, to L/R then presto sound on my default device and vice verse. I dont know why its doing this, because i have never had this problem before. I used dxdiag and everything comes back ok. I re installed my realtek audio drivers from my mobo CD and still the same problem. Here is my info.

If you need my info from dxdiag, let me know. Thanks for the help guys.

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I had the same issue. You need to go to Control Panel and then sound and change the default device to be the headphones. I also found that if I was running VLC I needed to exit VLC and restart after I had made the change to the default device then it was fine.

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