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I have recently viewed something that I have never seen before with regards to a computer. I saw a window close and open really fast, at least 10 times upon startup. It looked like the cmd.exe window but I only saw a video of it happening and it was really quick. Anyhow, is something like this a memory leak of some sort or?.... The OS is Windows Vista.

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Thanks RJ, I will install that on my pc as well as the OPs and see what's what.

There are a number of other free and very useful SysInternals utilities available at the same site.

Now that you've seen CMD windows flashing at startup once, you may begin to notice them more often. It is not a terribly uncommon occurrence and could be a normal part of a wide variety of software functionality.

It could also be some unwanted garbage, so it is a great idea to have some sort of utility like the Reverend mentioned to keep careful account of what is really happening at startup.

A memory leak is when a part of memory is assigned a particular task but isn't appropriately allowed to return to the resource pool when the task is done. The 'leaked' memory is no longer actually being used, but it cannot be reasigned to do anything else either.

What you're describing does not by itself imply to me any sort of memory leak.
It is certainly some barrage of autorun/startup commands and/or applications being executed.

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