hi i have a toshiba satellite lap top it hasnt got a battery at the minute and had to run off the power cable, when i opened the lap top to clean the fan i dilodged the internal little round battery what looks like a bigger version of lets say the watch battery as its silver n about the size of a ten pence piece, now when i turn the lap top on its like its lost all of its memory as nothing is there now no windows 10 or anything ,all i get is a blue screen saying it needs a disk n an error code , 0xc0000000e can anyone please help

Re: removed the little silver internal battery whilst having no battery in the 80 80


  1. Get into the BIOS (varies with each make and models) and load defaults, Save, Exit and reboot.
  2. Be sure there are no CD/DVDs in the ODD (optical disc drive) as well as unplugging all USB devices, SD cards, etc.
  3. I shouldn't have to write this but stop fixing it when it starts to work.
  4. Look at your BIOS for boot devices. Set the HDD or SSD to the first boot drive.
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