I use F8 or F1 to write the accents of some languages with a program called “AX”
I use a program called “Spartan” to CTTL + C and CTL+V to duplicate several time before you paste.
Every time I use F1 or F8 (AX give you a choice of using F1 or F8) the last Ctrl+C is duplicated. If I use AX 5 times I got 5 duplicated words or phrases on the Spartan screen. Why it is so and how can I fix it?
Window 10 8Ram PC

Re: F8 usiing with AX duplicate last entry in Spartan clipboard. 80 80

Not anything I use but hey, some thoughts.

  1. Use the script Luke! Read
  2. Use the sandbox Kitten! I'm reading from your link where it notes the Sandbox:

To make troubleshooting easier a 'Sandbox' is provided.
This makes it easier to find out exactly what is interfering
with AX - Some systems and programs can be quirky

commented: I got lost at the first line of post with first link. :) well done in providing an answer to OP! +14
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