Hello all, recently I stopped automatic updates because I was trying to fix a slow boot problem. I still wanted updates so thought I had better do it manually, but when I clicked on Internet Explorer, all I got was the browser window but no activity, no home page, no searching, nothing.

I have tried a number of 'things' to resolve this strange behaviour, including IEFix and downloading IE7, none of which have solved the problem. In fact IE7 behaved the same way. My usual browser is Firefox, and that still runs fine btw.

If I click on Windows Update in Control Panel, a normal and fully functioning IE6 browser window pops up and I can get to Microsoft or the net as normal, but if I try the blue 'e' whether shortcut or direct from the .exe, nothing happens.

I feel it must be a registry setting but I do not know what to fix there. It isn't a huge problem, but I wonder what has happened and why.

I am running XPSP2

solved - I needed to reregister the dll's - once I found out which ones.

Don't understand what happened or why, but all is as it should be now :)