I'm having a problem with my new computer. It had no Hard Disk in the computer so I bought one from e-bay which was perfectly fine. I've since installed a Genuine Microsoft XP Professional, and just yesterday had my Tiscali Broadband connected.

Now here's the problem. I know one of the problems is java.exe (which runs whenever I run the game I play), however it seems to take up an AWFUL lot of CPU usage. When I first used the game I play, I never had this problem and it would run perfectly fine. Only this morning has the problem began.

However, with the java.exe program not running I still have some CPU usage there, which jumps around between 4 and 80 percent. I know it is possible if you stop doing anything, close everything down and run Windows Task Manager and see your CPU usage it can and probably should go to 0 percent. Since today, my computer has been unable to do so.

I have run Adaware, which found 11 problems (all were cookies) and fixed them, and I have also ran Registry Mechanic, System Mechanic, Spybot S&D, and used the online TrendMicro Anti-virus program. Registry Mechanic and System Mechanic fixed some things, and optomised some things but hasn't got rid of my problem.

I have 2 sticks of 256 RAM in my computer (However my computer only shows 256 RAM total?) so I don't think it is my RAM running short, and also considering System Mechanic managed to defragment 70.1 of RAM. I have tried anything and everything to sort out this problem, but it just won't go away.

I have a feeling it might just be my internet connection. I received a letter from Tiscali telling me it can take up to 10 days for the broadband line to settle into it's top speed. However, I am constantly connected at 8.1MB, and I am not getting disconnected whatsoever.

The game I play was smooth movements and all yesterday, however now it seems to just be rather "juttery" movements of my character. :p

Can anyone help?

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Load of good you guys are...

Perhaps a good place to start would be to uninstall Java and run the latest version from java.sun.com

I assume the game you are playing is a browser based one? Perhaps you could post some info about what game it is and where...you should verify that the game is coming from a source you know you can trust as it could be possible that the Java code under the game is doing something it should not be doing. Also - you should make sure you are running all of the latest patches from Microsoft for XP. In Internet Explorer click Tools-->Windows Update and run all critical updates before you do anything else.

I'll try your suggestions and report back to you.

I re-installed Sun Java (the newest version), and downloaded all updates from the Microsoft website and all they seem to have done is slow my computer down even more. The game isn't browser based, and I know for a fact that the game is legitimate (on average 60,000 to 140,000 people playing at once!) and it still appears to be slightly juttering when I move within it.

Downloading the updates has only made my explorer.exe and cvshost.exe run using up a lot more Mem Usage than they did before I installed the updates.

My computer was fine the day before, then the next day it was slow and sluggish. It is a new computer with a new hard-drive etc installed. All the hardware is installed correctly with the manufacturers drivers.

I have heard somewhere that hardware which may not be connected properly, or is loose, can sometimes cause your computer to run more slowly. Is this true?

I think my RAM may need updating, as they were off a friend. Scanning using System Mechanics online scanner shoed that only 17% of my RAM remained free, could this be the problem?

Please reply as soon as possible, I want my computer to work normal again.

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