heres my issue. I have recently gotten cable connection in the house. For a few days, life was great with downloads. 1 mbps and above. Now, its downloading at less than 100 kb/s. Im completely lost, does this have to do with my coputer??

Also, my laptop, which is 3 years older than main PC, is having no trouble. its just this pc that's slow

Web pages, online gaming, and the likes are fast, but when it comes to downlading, it turns to crap.

Are you on a wired connection or wireless? Are the 100KB transfers happening from a particular site or is it all sites? Are you using a particular program that you are seeing the problems with? If it's only from one server then it's likely that the slowness is the speed of server you are downloading from. Are you running any download software? If so...try turning it off or uninstalling it and see if that is the culprit.

All sites
Download software? no.

Like i said , my laptop is in the same exact condition software wise as main pc. Firefox is latest updates and all.

I used to have Charter high speed & like u were saying "life was great" But after my stupid naibor joined it weakend outr line and the line went down alot (cuz it was weak) any way we had them come out a dozen times (literally). It socked and what ever they tried nothing would keep it from dropping. if you modem shows like a orange or abnormal light this is probly tha problem.

another solution could probably be spyware and or viruses, etc.
spyware is supposed to slowdown your computer of upto 500%.