I was in the process of installing Windows Professional XP on my computer. I stepped away for a minute and when I came back my computer had restarted. It restarted in safe mode and the message that pops up is: Windows XP Setup cannot run under Safemood. Setup will restart now. The only option is to press okay, even if you press esc it just restarts and it is an endless cycle. It just keeps recycling through this process.

How do I get out of this cycle and continue on with my installation. As of right now, my computer is worthless! Please help me! Thanks.

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this happens if setup is not completed and you need to rerun the installation.

if xp was actually installing when it restarted then it could have caused some problems, as you'll only have part of the os, in which case its often easier to format and start again, providing your not upgrading as this will cause you to lose any work saved on the machine.


hi assuming that your pc is off well
1. turn it on
2. as it starts remove the xp cd from the cd drive
3. let it boot up (if it does)
4. if you dont have any problems its ok by the way u didnt say whether you had any os installed on that before??? if yes your system will boot to that os.

now if you really are having a problem (remenber remove the cd)
restart and then press f8 u will be taken to command prompt type format c:\c this will format the c drive then you type cd d and press enter.
now you insert the xp cd and follow the instruction but mind you that you will loose all your data .

hope this helps you :lol:

now if your pc was off and your xp cd is stuck inside then turn it on as soon as it tries to start up you press the button near your cd drive this eject the cd that was stuck in after that just let it boot and if you are still having a problem restart and press f8 and do as said earlier.
and dont worry all problems have a solution :cool:

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