Ive reformatted my computer before but this time im having some difficulty.

I made sure all my files, music, programs and backed up and secure. Changed the boot sequence to boot cdrom first but when i restart and it trys to detect the installation disc it says "Boot from cd:" twice(think becuase i have to HD's) then normally boots up to windows.

Im not sure if last time it said anything different but it doesn't boot after it says that and i tried pressing any key, not sure what the problem is?

Im guessing its something obvious but i don't know what it is, any tips or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

The obvious things to check:

* Make sure the boot device order in your BIOS' setup is as follows:

1. Floppy
3. Hard disk
4. Bootable add-in cards (if applicable)
5. Network boot (if applicable)

* Try booting another computer with the CD to verify that the CD isn't damaged.

Also- please tell us the configuration of your hard drives and CD/DVD drives:

* What device is the Primary Master, Primary Slave, Secondary Master, Secondary Slave?
* Do you have SATA drives in the system?
* Do you have an ATA accellerator/expansion card in the system?