I've searched the posts and unable to find answers to this
problem. A friend of mine has a computer that repeatedly pops up
'Page cannot be found' IE browsers. She has a DSL connection
through AT&T Yahoo and using Internet Explorer 7. This only
happens when she clicks on the IE browser icon and BAM!!! The
IE browsers pop up over and over in a single stack totaling more
than 150 or so. All of them having 'Page cannot be found'. I
then took the computer to my house and tested it, but I had no problems at all. I also used AT&T Yahoo DSL and it worked fine without any IE 'Page cannot be found' popups. I'm assuming it has something to do with her internet connection, since the problem doesn't exist when I tested it at my house. It only happens at her house and anytime she clicks on Internet Explorer.

The computer is free and clear of all viruses and spyware. Her modem is a speedstream 5100 modem and all the lights are green. She will try and turn off the modem and computer for a few minutes tonight to see if this fixes the issue. If not, then she will call AT&T for help.

Does anyone have a solution or suggestion? This only happens when she clicks on IE. She has IE 7 beta 2 installed as the browser. She is using McAfee 8-in-1 2007 as her internet security software. What could be causing this glitch?

Thanks in advance for any input y'all might have!:mrgreen:

Sounds like she has bad spyware. It keeps trying to load pop ups but the web page they are calling is down or doesn't exist anymore. Have her doing a spyware scan and a virus scan. Make sure she updates her definitions first for each.