I've just bought a new laptop where i have been using the wireless network to connect onto the internet. I have networked an old laptop and an old computer to a DSL Gateway. Both laptops have network cards and the computer is connected directly to the DSL. Recently when both laptop were being used the old laptop's internet stop working saying the page can not be displayed and said the wireless network is unavailable. The same time the new laptop was working perfectly though when I switched it of and restarted the new laptop it had the same problem.

Since then I have looked at both network cards on a friends laptop and they both work fine so they ain't the problem. I have tried deleting the network I had setted up and reinstalling it but the same problem is still arising. Both laptops also say Network connection unavailable

Does anyone have any ideas to a solution or what maybe the problem?

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It might be a problem with the DHCP of the router, that it's not assigning ip's correctly.

Step 1) Try rebooting the router.
Step 2) Try to ping the router's ip, if successfull, try to ping (that is google), if successfull, ping google.com
Step3) type the command  (Ipconfig/ all)  in to your commandline, check if you get ip
Step4) run Spybot or Adaware to clean out any possible spyware that could be killing your bandwith.


PS: Let me know if your network card is pulling an IP address, and if it starts with 169.254.

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