i had a person teaching me how to make a screenshot, but it didn't work. i think it was because my zone alarm firewall was incompatible. unfortunately i lost all the instructions i was given. i know that i need paint, which i have. i also have irfanview and flock. my computer has windows xp. it would be great if i could post a picture of what i'm seeing when i have a problem. can anybody help me with this? thanks, Ed James

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1) Press the 'print screen' button
2) Paste in into any image editing software
3) Save the file

That's it! :)


if you use paint make sure when you save it that you change the file type from .bmp to .jpg format ,because the bmp will be to large to in post online fourms like this one .


how do i post it on this forum? thanks, Ed James

Go to the advanced editor and simply attach the image using the form it provides.

Or use bbcode like this (remove the spaces):

[ img]http://www.domain.com/image.jpg[/img ]

Make sure you make your image size manageable. Don't make it huge.

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