hey guys,
ive been looking around for tips on this topic but haven't really found one. i dind't really know where to post this, so i decided to post it here.

for me, i have a lot of games, and once those games are installed, they save a profile folder, which by default, is stored in the "my documents" folder. for games created my microsoft, they are by default, stored in "my documents\my games"

is there a way to change the folder you want to store your profile data in? by the way, the games do not have such options inside. ex: hitman blood money does not offer to you where to be able to save your profile.


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tough really. Some games that enable the console (usually hit ctrl + ~ )

you can, i know for sure quake 4 has this option to use 'fs_savepath (full path)' that will move the automatic save. I do not know if hitman blood money has that command or its equibalent, or even the console.

update with another possiblity:

click 'start'
right click on 'My Documents'
go to 'properties', and change the target to your desired folder. downside on this is that this will move all of your documents to that folder, so 'all' applications will default to that folder.

If it is possible, you would have to edit the main .ini file for the game, using notepad, and change any entry for where profiles are saved. I know Hitman:BM has a .ini in the main folder, but can't remember if the profile path is mentioned in there.

Regards, Dave

well, i know that hitman does have an ini,
but i mean, other games such as scarface,
and battlefield 2 do not have ini files.

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