Hi, I have a computer with a Pentium 3 1.0 GHz Processor inside plus all the stock items too, apart from a NVidia GFX 5500 Graphics card, installed myself. Now, the good news is that the PC isn't connected to any outside connection, so anything on there I checked myself and used AVG Free to scan it with.Also I got the PC for free, but it is a backup computer incase the other goes down.
Now, the bad news is that of late, I have been getting messages when I close programs that say something along the lines of "Explorer (as in Windows Explorer - NOT Internet Explorer) has caused a fault in the page script Kernel Module" - or something similar. When it asks to close, it then closes other programs such as WinAmp modules, NVidia Modules and others.Each time it will crash new programs.
My friend says that I may have to reinstall Windows 98SE, but I don't think That I have the boot disk, as the PC was built by a company that speciales in building cheap PC's for Students (Microlink, Southampton, England). Unfortuanetly, because the Pc is about 5 or 6 years old now, the warrenty is over and they say that they can't even offer advice.
Please help because I really need this computer for some really important work stored on it. Will I need to install Win 98SE, or is there a Kernel fixer that can help without erasing all my work?
ANY help would be appreciated, thanks, Adam

P.S. Can I get the same computer to accept USB Memory Sticks, or does Win 98 not recognise them?

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You might try this. It worked for me.
Click Start / Run and type in scanreg /fix
Let it scanreg run and when complete, shut down computer.
Wait a couple of minutes and turn computer back on.

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