Unfortunatley, I am still having a lot of difficulty with the Svchost 100 % cpu problem. I have looked over ask leo but apparently can not find the solution. I have downloaded all of the security patches I can find, as well as having been to Norton. It still persists. I imagine its an easy solution , but I just can not seem to figure it out. So, if any one has this please email me. I will greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.:rolleyes:

as its name implies, svchost is a process that handles multiple services - these services are grouped into each of several host processes, so you may see 5 or 6 svchost processes running. in task manager you can see which partic host is running hot.. and that is all. you need more software to go deeper to see which service is causing the problem - just stopping that partic svchost can cause all sorts of mayhem. So go to sysinternals [don't be surprised to see it is now part of M$] and get ProcessExplorer. Unzip it into its own folder and run it by dclicking the exe. Read the webpage, the help file and then go to it and find the bad service. it may be corrupted or just locked in a loop cos it cannot complete. Stop it and see what happens. tell us what you find. Please.

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Subject svchost.exe running 99 percent, network services Discussion Thread Response (VCOM Support) 01/22/2007 ello As far as jetdefrag goes I would suggest you boot the computer to safe mode then try running the utility again. It is possible that there is a back ground application interfering. If you are not familiar on how to boot to safe mode you can simply refer to the help menu in Windows.
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PM I spent 20 hours on this problem, trying to trace the cause and finally, Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 was started instead of my usual Firefox. MS IE7 offered to analyze the network for the bad connection and it found two items that it offered to remove...VCOM AV Layered services (approximately) and the other was FW something. Once Microsoft network repair was done, the system is running smoothly again. SystemSuite Pro7 seems to work OK (although the JetDefrag is slow as a turtle hibernating). I am not sure I can recommend SystemSuite and the network firewall program until a fix is made. I wish I had saved the pop up windows with the explanations to show you.
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01/16/2007 Hello As a quick test remove System Suite let me know if you still have the issue with svhost.exe
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I did not have this problem before installing SystemSuite Professional 7 and the Network Magic Serial (good for up to 5 PCs): HY----XC. I tried to turn off Network Magic also, but the problem was still there. I had removed AVG and disabled the MS firewall as well before installing SS7. I have restarted and the problem persists. Are you sure svchost.exe is not involved with the operation of your software???
What else could it be?
Response (VCOM Support)
01/15/2007 Hello, svchost.exe is a Windows file not a System Suite file. Did you run any tools in System Suite?
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very irritating, installed this software, which was difficult enough, now system running very slow due to svchost.exe running at max Cpu usage. What is going on? Will be reporting this across internet unless solution found immediately
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