im trying to send a basic message to a ip address over the net, i was told netsend was what i should use, does anyone know how to use it or have used it in the past?

thanks, darren

Net send is a command line utility that comes with later versions of windows. It's layout is: net send IPADDRESS Message
So, for example, if you wanted to send a message to the IP Address (made up) then you would do this:
net send hello world!

Now, keep in mind that the messenger service has to be running on BOTH computers for this to work. To see if it's running, go to the control panel, administrative tools, services... then scroll down the list and look for "messenger service" and make sure it is enabled and started. Again, this is required on the machine you are sending from, and on the machine you are sending to.

There is a scam going around, where someone figured out that XP with SP1 left the messenger service ON by default (it's off by default in SP2), and they created a program to do net send commands to lists of IP addresses, advertising a program that would shut off the messenger service.... anyway, messenger service (not to be confused with msn messenger, they are NOT the same) must running on BOTH machines for it to work.

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