I have no idea what this is but the entire time Im on my computer this little box keeps popping up and says Siae3123 has caused an error in unknown, if you keep having trouble try restarting. That doesnt work. Can someone please tell me what it is and what I can do? Thanks

Hmm, from the looks of it, you have a nasty lil bugger which is running at startup or perhaps as a background process. Press ctrl+alt+delete and, provided you're using windows 2000/xp, in your list of processes, do you see a siae3123.exe (or some variant) listed?

No, there isnt anything there that says it. I have no idea what this could be. I asked a question once before on here about not being able to degrag or run scan disk because something is running and they told me to turn the computer on in safe mode and I did that and ever since then this keeps happening. When I search for Siae3123 it comes up in Windows/ System and Windows/apolog I think it was. There was also something in Windows/temp so I deleted that and its still in my recycle bin in case I need to restore it.

Hmm, there is no reason why just booting into safe mode would cause errors. How do you know that this file isn't necessary?

Do you think that I should just delete it??

I too have found this file (siae3123.exe) on my system and am having one hell of time getting rid of it. I have walked up and down the regestry so many times that it feels like home :cheesy: . I have tried spybot, spyhunter, and mcafee 7.1. Mcafee keeps telling me its there but does nothing about it.

Any thought would be helpful.

How do you get the window that pops up constantly to go away. Its driving me nuts. I just want to know what it is and how it got there.

I work on a helpdesk and just had a client call in with this as well.
Ran Ad Aware but that didn't get rid of it and also ran McAfee 7.1.
The client had to go, but if i get another one i'm going to try running McAfee in Safe mode and see if its able to remove it then.
Searched the web and didn't see too much about it.

Adaware still gives me popups from itself. I heard that it has its own form of spyware itself. I deleted that from my puter. I did put Nortons back on my puter and ran it and found nothing. It still does it. My computer is going wacko. I dont know what to do.

Siae3123 is being reported as some sort of bot infection. I ran in to this yesterday. My fix was, do a search for this file name in windows, delete all of the entries in windows\temp, temporary internet files, history etc....rename the filename in c:\windows\system and c:\windows\applog then reboot. I renamed mine as "oldsiae3123" I then ran spybotsd & adaware. Hope this helps !

Looks like so far that has worked for me and I hope it stays that way. What is a bot infection anyways? How do you get them? My computer is still really wierd. Nortons says nothing is wrong at all but theres tons of stuff running when I hit ctrl alt delete. If I close them out and then go back to it again, they are there again.