i am Recently having sound problems with my new computer just in the past week or two. im a bit more computer minded then the average Joe. so i've done all the offline tech support options allready. heres my problem when i start up i have sound.. usally for about 15 minutes or so and on some occasions for a few hours. then no sound at all.. untill i shut down the computer and get the shut down sound. there are no hardware conflicts nore is it overheating during its on time. this all worked perfectly just befor.. there are no Virues with the latest updats & scans by Norton 2004.

have you tried switching your speakers with another set? have you tried switching the sound card into another pci slot or using another sound card? (if its not integrated with the mother board) and if it is, try using another sound card and disabling the onboard sound in the BIOS. what are the specs of your machine? are all the drivers for your sound card up to date? and sometimes some sound cards conflict with certain OS's like i know sound blaster live doesn't like winXP much, could that be a problem?

problem has been isolated to something in an application i use frequently.. problem remains a mystery as its an app ive had for several years.. sounds and musics have been disabled in the app and no further sound has been lost. thank you for your reply tho.