normally, it goes up to 5.9, but i was testing a skulltrail-server based mobo (with a tall 40inch case)!! here are the specs:

2 intel extreme quad core cpus oc'd to 5.5ghz (each had its own thermaltake bigwater 760i cooling (Water) system).

windows vista ultimate x64
64gb ddr3 ram @ 2044 mhz(oc'd from 1600mhz)
16X 300gb 15k rpm scsi drives in raid0+1
bluray burner
media cardreader/floppy disk combo
4X nvidia quadro fx (each with 2GB ram) in quad sli
ageia physix card
and things along that line!!

how i got 7.6, i have no idea!! maybe one of the updates allowed it to go up to 9.9

hope that helped

btw, this is not my pc, i was just testing it out.

i lied about the skull trail, i had changed the scores from the xml files. also, i never tested a skull trail server to begin with.

I score mine 6.66

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