My turn to pose a question. I just received a weird, unsolicited email. If you try to copy n paste it, u get underlying text appearing with the normally visible text... it only appears when you lclick and drag. A sample of a capture [top text only..]:_

"Market Makers and Investors should be on high alert starting NOW.
Your immediate attention to SGGP could pay off
First day company profile Nov. 24 2006 up 27.27%
The Next Home Run, Presents Sierra Gold Corporation. OTG:SGGP.EK
Current price, 14 cents"

...and the same screen area done with a normal copynpaste job..:-

"Market Makers and lnvestors should be on high alert starting N0W. It may have been because he was just then cut off from all his fellow-creatures and even from the world itself; it may have been because he was satiated with marvels and with the almost absolute control over the powers which the Demon had conferred upon him; or it may have been because he was born and reared a hearty, healthy American boy, with a disposition to battle openly with the world and take his chances equally with his fellows, rather than be placed in such an exclusive position that no one could hope successfully to oppose him.
Your immediate attention to SGCP could pay off Perhaps he himself did not know what gave him this horrible attack of the blues, but the truth is he took out his handkerchief and cried like a baby from very loneliness and misery.
First day company profile Nov. 24 2006 up 27.27% There was no one to see him, thank goodness! and the tears gave him considerable relief. He dried his eyes, made an honest struggle to regain his cheerfulness, and then muttered to himself: If I stay up here, like an air-bubble in the sky, I shall certainly go crazy.
The Next Home Run, Presents in.
Sierra Gold Corporation. his.
OTC:SGCP.PK garden,.
Current price, 14 cents "

So how does that work? the underlying text only apears once you drag the mouse....:!:

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The hidden text would be the same colour as the background.
Like below:
Like this.

haha...!! david, you're too cool! of course!! on a junk email.. i wonder why they did it? ok, i wonder why they send junk emails too!!! thank you.

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