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iTunes ver. 7

My problem is that I have quite a few music files that suddenly have stopped working. Used to work fine, but then yesterday I went to play them through my usual player, WMP. A slew of their track names turned red with an exclamation next to them, until it found a song on the list which worked. This left dozens of songs unplayable, that is, 28 albums worth:!:. They have something in common also, they were all downloaded through Bitcomet, except its not ALL the files I got through Bitcomet; 90% of them still work. Its only my Deftones and Incubus, for whatever that is worth. I have tried playing through iTunes also, which also doesnt work. My only idea, is that I had some startup problems, and I had tried to do a Boot Last Known Good Configuration, to no avail. In the end, waiting, and restarting after a half hour fixed the problem...but anyways: Any ideas, so I dont have to spend about a week redownloading?

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I hope this isn't a silly question:


Have you accidentally renamed a folder so that the link to these songs are incorrect therefore obviously your media player can't find them?

I really doubt it will be anything to with downloading them of bittorrent (which you shouldn't its illegal) unless they have some seriously clever DRM in them.. but don't worry about that.

Try cutting them from their current place on your pc and putting them somewhere else. Then uninstall Itunes and download it and install it again, then sync all you music into it again.

I can't see a reason why this wouldn't work.

nah they just DONT WORK. :( its like the codec is gone to play them. because it tells me they are encoded wrong, even though i know they arent (since i played these files, nearly every one of them, in the past). but thats just weird as hell, cuz both WMP and iTunes players cant play them. :shrug:

also, im redownloading the songs. if anyone figures out why this happened, or whatever, then go ahead and post because i still wanna know. however, this will be marked as solved - even though i never got to the root of the problem

This might sound stupid but are you sure you have the codec. Try download VLC Player from THis might solve your problem

I used to have VLC, and took it off, but I never had compatibility issues until now. and besides. i have since reobtained the files, and they work fine. so im unsure - perhaps they were corrupted...?

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