Hi, a friend of mine is having a weird problem with the icon of his recovery partition (D: drive). The problem is the icon shows up looking like the wireless network setup wizard icon ( in the control panel with the green waves coming from a usb key) instead of the usual picture of a hard drive. He's tried repairing icons with tweak ui and deleting various cache files. It's not a desktop icon, but one of the icons that show up when you open up My Computer. It's also strange because the C: drive icon is what it should be. Is there a way to change the icon to what it should be. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

download TweakUI (Google for XP Powertoys)

go into it and choose the option (its in there somehwehre) for rebuild icons - its a good idea not to change any of the other settings in here unless you know what you are doing

The first thing he tried was tweak ui (check the post), didn't work. Thanks though.


Lets look a little at windows basic

C drive main partion
D drive normally CD Rom

Try this right click on MY COMPUTER
select Manage
select Disk Management
this list's all drive's present
right click on D:\ drive and select Change Drive Letters and Paths
select Change
change the drive Letter to E or F
Click ok
click Yes
click yes
and close

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I have a Icon problem aswell. My c: drive icon has changed it self to what seems like a folder thats breaking up with a red ! over it. Can someone explain.

You have posted to a thread that was last actioned on Dec 16th, 2006
not quite 3 years...
If you want assistance, start your own thread and give a lot of details about your machine, the OS and when your problem started, what you have done to fix it. New programs or hardware you have installed or removed.....etc