Hi all I'm having a big problem with my dell inspiron 8100 laptop. I recently reformated it and reinstalled winxp home. Now when I go online it freezes my whole computer up in about 3-5min. I'm using earthlink dial up, but also freezes using a T1 connection.

I have a PIII 1gig processor,
Nvideo geforce2go 32mb
integrated sound
512 ram

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I use a dial up connection earthlink. Robotics modem, and when i'm at work i use ethernet connection to T1.


I don't know what to tell you there can be so many things wrong have you called Dell and I am sure someone on here can help you.


Anything in your log files which might point to the source of the problem? Look in "Event Viewer" in your Administrative Tools menu and see if there are any messages or errors which occur right around the time of the freezes.


Have you run the Dell Diags?

If you just reformatted, and didn't blow away the hidden partition, you can hit F12 at boot, and see if there's a "Boot to Utility Partition" option. If there is, you can run the full diagnostic suite there.


Thanks guys I'll try that stuff out and get back to u. I called dell and they were just going to walk me through reformatting it again. I didn't have the time to do that then, so i just put winme back on my comp and running that for now. I really like xp better but have to wait until I get some free time to reinstall xp.



Erm, yeah- you don't really want to stick with ME for too long. It's sort of a bastard/stepchild OS with a lot of problems.

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Only W2k Server has an administrative tools menu, though there still is an event viewer in W2k pro only than in c:\windows -Yzk
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