I have a students computer sitting on my desk with a problem that has the whole office stumped. The client has windows XP, and two days ago after updates the computer would not go past the login page in normal mode without a network connection, and would only show the black desktop background in safe mode without a network connection. The comptuer is on a domain, but even using a local account produces the same results. To date I have tried the following:

Readded the computer to the domain
Ran Crap Cleaner to remove all temp files
Ran winsockfix xp to repair all network settings
currently running sfc

There is no indication of hard drive failure, and the computer follows the rules all the time. If it has a network connection, it will go into the profile just fine. If it has none, no profile for you. If you log into the computer with a network connection, and then log off and disconnect all network connections, the computer will go in just fine as though it had a network connection.

Is anyone else as confused as I am?

Anyone have a fix?

Try a system restore a few days prior to installing the windows updates. Assuming that is the root cause.


Change the computer name .... lets say it was bassgeek .... change the computer name in the network connections to bassgeek1 and reboot

South Africa

I tried both of your suggestions, and unfortunatly neither of them worked. I ended up reformating and then reinstalling windows on the system.
This problem is ridiculous. I hope eventually I will find the solution.