Used Drive Image on my old WIN 98 computer-worked like a charm. Tried it on New WIN XP computer- no good. Symantec suggested updating to version 7-same problem: It would say the back up was good but verifying said no good. Tried working with Symantec to no avail and then purchased True Image. Same problem: Says back up is successful but verification says "corrupted image." Sent Acronis 3 e-mails but getting nowhere.

Have tried everything: Checking RAM, and deleting all unnecessary programs (even virus protector), used Disk Cleanup, Chkdisk, and defrag on all hard drives-problem still exists.

Have 2 hard drives. Main drive is partitioned into two drives C and D both NFTS. C is my main drive containing the back up software; backup was to the D drive. Also have a second drive (G) which is in FAT 32 form but this should have no effect as it isn't being used in this situation.

I am confounded. Do I have a successful backup or a corrupted one. Is this a software problem or a WIN XP problem? What can I do to get a proven backup BEFORE I really need it?

Found the problem. It was all a matter of to many programs open and running. Downloaded Startup Cop, used it to shut things down (including Norton's anti virus) and all worked OK. I do want to thank all who worked with me on this problem.