Hey good people - I built my home page to enable me to launch frequently used programs from the browser, among other favorite links to the web.

I used to be able to click on a hyperlink such as -file:///c:/path/program_name.ext

During some upgrade in the past (XP Pro?, SP1?), IE quit allowing me to start program files from my browser.

Does anyone know how to get IE to allow me to launch programs from my hard drive?


You need to reassociate your extensions it seems. Find a file with the .ext extension you want, and right click and choose Open With... and then select Internet Explorer from the list. Actually I think file associations can be fixed via Microsoft's PowerToys XP with the TweakUI program. (can be downloaded off of the microsoft website)

Wow, Dani herself --- No, maybe I wasn't clear - program_name.ext refers to some program with some executable extension. All the programs work and are associated correctly, they just don't launch from IE as they used to. Some setting within IE changed.?? I just know that clicking on any link to an internal program (i.e. something on my hard drive) won't kick off when accessed from IE.

Does that make more sense?