Will wm2003 (not second edition) devices be supported y sync centre as ive noticed support has been cut out of WMP11. Also, does home basic have sync centre or do i need buisness/ultimate

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Home basic has nothing to offer. I'm not sure it has a sync center, but I know it can't do much. Home Premium, on the other hand, has many features, cool features and usefull ones.http://winsupersite.com/reviews/winvista_02.asp. This site might be helpful in deciding what you want to get. I'd love to get ultimate, but it's so darn expensive. But you decide.


well premium is nearly double the price (premium upgrade = xp pro full version in terms of price right now) and the only benefits are aero (which i wont run as i have a crap graphics card and like the old win2k style theme) and media centre, which i dont use as i have no tuner card

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