I need some help. I wanted to edit some home videos with Windows movie maker but everytime I used it the program perfomed an illegal operation, it used to work fine but I thought what ever and I downloaded Colorful Movie editor 4.0. But this did the same thing everytime I tried to preview a video or save it. Then I got Video Edit Magic Express 4.0 and it perfomed an illegal operation everytime I tried to import clips. I have a good computer.

Pentium 4
3.0 ghz
2.0 GB of ram

thanx in advance for your help.

Also when I reinstalled Colorful Movie Editor it gave an error message that said

Unable to register DLL/OCX: DLL Register Server failed; code 0x80040154
Click Retry to try again, Ignore to proceed anyway (not recommended), or abort to cancel installation.

Retry dosn't work.

it used to work fine

...how long ago? Have you tried using system restore to go back to the last time it worked? I can't find anything on that "Movieencoder.dll" file. You might want to look at the properties for that file and see if it tells you what program it belongs to or who it's made by so you could try to uninstall it or look at some FAQs for whatever app it's for to see if this is a known issue. Sorry - I haven't worked with the movie stuff in XP very much.

I did a scan with registry mechanic and it found 1609 problems. Could this be the problem?

Yes, it could. I'd suggest you use Registry Mechanic to try and fix up the problems. If it is unsuccessful you may need to format your hard drive and install Windows cleanly again. Be sure to back up all your data first, as you will wipe it from the hard drive in the process.

Also don't try reinstalling Video Edit Magic 4.0
It has a lot of issues and is very unstable.
Try either 4.3 or 3.
I have 4.0 and am having similar issues.