about 3 days ago, IE couldn't load up myspace, imageshack, deviantart and a handful of other sites but i urgently needed to retrieve a picture that i left on my friend's myspace so i used a proxy to try to get it. i did but then because proxies block java scripts i couldn't send various messages. :sad:

last night i finally crossed the border to Opera land and i am quiet happy with it so far, but still the connection to the various sites is nonexististant. i share the internet connection with my mum and dad's PC and my other laptop as it is a optusnet dialup, and the problem exists in their system's too, but my cousin, also on an optusnet dialup plan, can connect to the sites, but with no pictures and it takes a while too, like 5x longer then normal.

could someone help me or give me some suggestions, at least?:rolleyes:

ps. i did a hjt scan and all the systems are clean, and i ran a virus and spyware scan on them all too and it didn't help. i've also tried turning off the firewall and uninstalling the latest 'security' update from windows.

Try Firefox ;) Do you have some sort of firewall set up??? Maybe even in a wireless router or something... the sites could be blocked

There is suddenly a flurry of people not being able to access certain sites. One would wonder if those sites are located in the area where winter storms took out the power and communications lines.

I have solved it .Please read the following link SNIP

please do comment there.. so that i can help you further

Hi Guys, any one with any ideas on how I can sort out aproblem of certain webpages not loading up in my browser. I use IE7 and up untill 2 weeks ago I could go onto any website without any issues. Now I cannot get onto o2 and other websites. Mostly i like to use the streaming radio stations from America and these are not coming as well any more. My system is Vista home premium and I have never had any probs before this.... HELP

HI, I am having same issue using optus dsl. it suppose to be 3.5 mb/s and 0.667 mb/s upload. Which is very good for average user like me. However some sites cannot be accessed for some reason.I have also got little usb modem from vodafone which is x7 times slower and working very good. The pages are loading efficiently and much quicker than my new optus dsl. I called the optus Tech went through few thing which i already knew..I accidently hanged up on them, they never called back. question is if this can work with the slower speed internet how come the sites are not showing up in fast DSL..??All the setting are correct and resetted.