After I installed Service Pack 2 on my Windows XP PC, I lost the images (or icons) that often appear next to the favorite links under the Favorites menu in Internet Explorer. Now, they all have the default Internet Explorer image next to them. Having the images next to my favorite links was helpful, because it made it easier to find the link I was interested in accessing. And when I add new favorites, the default image is used as well. If anyone here knows of a solution for this or if there is a way to contact support at Microsoft (for free hopefully) for Service Pack 2 problems, I would very much appreciate it.


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If I understand this correctly, what you are referring to are called favicons. They are a feature of the sites you visit, not of your favorites list per se. When you clean your cache or clean your Internet Explorer Temporary folder, they are lost. As you revisit the corresonding sites, they should be restored. If you wish, they can be stored in a premanent folder (as you get them back). You can find the instructions for doing this here:

Hope I understood and answered correctly.

Yes you understood correctly. Thanks very much. I will follow the procedure for saving the favicons. The funny thing is I've cleared my cache many times before, but don't ever remember seeing the favicons disappear, eventhough I now see from the explanation that they should.

Thanks again,

Glen :D

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