don't know what it is. Only this browser & only for the past month give-or-take. Firefox &/or Opera have no such issues. Nothing comes up on spysweeper.

I'm running XP. It's IE 6.0 or whatever it is that's the most recent one (I do my windows updates regularly).

Even if I change my homepage to about:blank, I still have this problem. Once an IE window is opened, there are no browsing issues from page to page. But even hitting CTRL-N to open another one causes the same delay in opening a new window.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Download and extract it to a folder. Run the ToolBarCop.exe and go to File Menu > Select All. Next, go to File Menu > Copy to clipboard. Then, paste it here (using Right-Click > Paste option).

Well, this can be alot of things. But just remember that programs can take longer to boot up if your computer is still booting up. Also if you take out your internet some times IE can wait to boot while detecting proxy settings.

I'm just making sure its not one of these issues.