I've set my SS so that it will kick in after 10 minutes of idleness and prompt for a PW before returning XP. However I've noticed whenever I leave media player open my SS will not kick in ever. Is there a way to circumvent this? Or do all apps have to be closed regardless? Thanks

Your SS should kick in regardless of apps. It is only an instance of user input that will reset the clock. So even a continuing data stream dl which is updating the display will not prevent the SS from starting. Media player ditto - it can be playing an album but if u do nothing your SS will start. Okay, it should.

Tis what I thought, but if Media player is playing the SS never activates.

Aaarrgh!! You're so right! I just tested it....and so it is... media player stops the SS showing. Tricky things, puters. I don't actually bother with a SS - if i'm not looking at the screen, it's wasting its time [and life] putting on fancy moving images - so my SS is set to none, and power off after 5mins. But that doesn't really help you. Maybe just choose a nice media player graphic instead? I bet it is like that so that those visualisations keep going, say while you play an album- the mood would be so upset if your visualisation got cut by a bouncing ball. Try it then with no visualisation set....