Hi I recently made my desktop folders private through an WindowsXP option.I travelled a long way from home and I hadn't realise what private meaned until I connected my hard drive to an other PC and tried to open my account named folder in Documents and settings in order to see my Desktop file but a message appears that the folder is non accecible.I MUST enter my folder and I don't know how to overpass this.I also use a password to login (if this helps...) when I use the HD normally with my PC.Is there any way? I tried safe mode but nothing...

did u had password protection for files and folders in ur system before taking ur HDD.
if yes, then in the same OS it will ask u anywhere u connect the HDD.
even i experienced it.

The fact is that I use password only to login.The option that made them private wasn't saying anything about password it just made them accesible only to the ''original'' pc.When I try to enter the file the system doesn't ask for password it just says that is not accesible.

I finally found where it was that option.Open Documents and settings folder>>right-click any of the containing folders>>properties>>sharing and there it is a box that I checked and caused that problem. Does anyone knows if there is any way to use my account folder from another PC after making it private?????