Hi can anybody help me when i try to open any media player to play music or video i get an error saying what ever player i am trying to use wmp vlc real player power dvd etc.etc. has encountered a problem and needs to close no error code. the player plays until click dont send report then shuts down. i also get the same message on btyahoo browser. please help a thicko.

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I can think of several reasons:

1. The file you are trying to play is corrupted. Try playing a different file.

2. The sound driver is not installed, or is the wrong driver for the hardware.

3. Some other piece of software has grabbed the sound output device and won't release it.

4. You are trying to play the file with the wrong player. Maybe it has the wrong extension.


hi midimagic
any file i play does the same, never used to just happened over night.
now internet explorer keeps saying encountered a problem and needs to close. i can still use it if i dont send error report. i have run antivirus and it doos not find anything.
thanks craig.


Hi pabs
thanks tried this to no avail.
Problem solved
uninstalled all media players evrything to do with btyahoo and reinstalled wmp and bt
now works fine media plays with media player 11,vlc,and power dvd.
thanks all.

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