ok this is my condery i am trying to engage the game tiger woods 2007 and this little birdy shows itself on the bottom of the bar it is called document viewer and i cannot or dont have the inttellegence to remove can you please explain to me some options ty for you time.


That made no sense whatever to me.

Try formulating your question better and posting in the right forum (I think you want to know something about the windows viewer but I'm not entirely sure, your kinda vague)

ok i put the cd disk in the computer then the screen goes blank and on the bottom reads document viewer and nothing happenes so my question is how do i get rid of document viewer so i can contunie the game thank you for your time

Can you post a screenshot? (This is kind of hard to understand...) The PrintScreen key on your keyboard will come in handy for this. Then when you post, choose "Go Advanced", and then under "Attachments" you can add the file.

And can you please use punctuation so we can better understand what you're trying to say?

I wouldn't exactly call your second explanation less vague. If this is something about the things in the software itself you should try the "Tiger Woods" forum's. You have more change of finding someone who knows the game there.

And indeed as joeprogrammer said, use punctuation. There are a lot of people who won't even bother to read an unpunctated post.