Well i recently got a computer which was handed down to me from my friends parents doctor. so it is second hand and only had windows 2000 on it. it run fine with 2000 however i wished to upgrade it to windows xp.

so i formatted it and tried to reinstall windows however it came up with some error which said corrupt GDIPLUS.MAN or something. i took the harddrive out of this computer and put it into my other computer and reformatted and reinstalled windows xp without a problem.

I then took the harddrive out and put it back in the new computer, however now all it does is prompt me with a screen saying

safe mode
safe mode with networking
safe mode command prompt
last known good configuration.
start windows normally.

and now matter which i click on it loads for a sec with a black screen then restarts doing the same thing every time.

has anyone ever had this happen to them, or have any ideas?

im guessing its some part of my hardware but i have no idea.

Well first is this a clone a built computer or name brand?

if a name brand go to there site and see if they have a xp bios flash.

second you need to load the OS on the computer you are going to use it on.

third go to the HDD manufacture site and get the util to zero write the drive.if you can't find it post manufacture i will get a link for you.

When you install a OS in one computer it recognizes the drivers needed for that motherboard, and when you take that hdd and place it with a different motherboard it will try to find the drivers for that board. This creates problem that you OS may or may not survive.

I you wish to wipe the drive as suggested you could use Kill Disk, it's a free download.