I wasn't sure where to post this, but since I am running Windows 98, I thought I would start here. I have Quicktime Pro, which is what opens photos and such when I have photos saved in My Documents. Before, every once in a while, when I would click to open a photo, I would get a message asking me if I wanted to upgrade to Quicktime Pro, to which I always clicked "later." Each time today that I have tried to open a photo from My Documents, I get that message, but I can't click on anything. It won't go away, and my photos won't open. I end up having to restart my computer to even get the message off of my screen. Any ideas about what could be causing it, and what I can do to fix it? Thanks!

It wants you to update i guess, but i dont use quicktime at all Quicktime=devil. also use somthing more like paint or, an image view program to look at pictures. theres no reason to be using a tool for watching movies to watch a picture (:P) to view with something else, just rightmouseclick the file go >Open With>choose a program:
on the list that shows up choose an image viewing program such as paint, Image View... and at the bottom click always use this program to view these files. and then click ok. but seriously it sounds like quicktime wants you to update now and wont let you hold off anylonger (not surpised though) but if do want to use a program to view movies and pictures, use windows media player in classic mode, or just install the really old version. then do what i said above but just selece windows media player. you will never get a message again about upgrading to anything because its freeeee!

The only reason I used Quicktime is because that was part of what was installed when I got my digital camera last year. That's what they provided to open the pictures and/or movies that I take with my camera. What I don't understand though is why it won't let me click on ANYTHING now when that message appears. I mean, it won't even let me click to upgrade! lol!

I have another problem...well, more of an annoyance I guess than a problem. I deleted Quicktime from my add/delete programs menu, and now I can open my photos in my document. But in the control panel, there are still icons for quicktime...2 of them. When I right click on them, it doesn't give me the option to delete them. Quicktime is no longer in my add/remove programs menu, so should I just ignore the other if its not messing me up?