XP pro, sp2 DirecctX 9, Ie7
AMD 1000 Mhz 768 ram.
CMI8738 sound card.
256 ATI video card.

My issue is with online video not playing sound files.. Cnn.com when I click videos I can see the videos but not hear sound... Its not muted, and the volume is turned up.

My windows media Player plays sound files just fine, Utube plays sound, so do other sites that dont use windows media player.

I have tried to reinstall windows media player, I have updated all drivers in my device manager. Nothing is muted in the volume control, and everything is turned up.

I have deleted my temp internet files and tried reloading the player..

The problem arose when I reformatted windows due to a system crash where the mouse and keyboard would not respond..

DirectX Says I have the latest version,

Flash player has been reinstalled,

Java has been reinstalled.

I also installed quicktime, and real player.. Still no sound while watching online videos with media player... (only with media player.)

The sound options in the control panel are set to my C-Media Wave device.

Did I miss anything?

Any more ideas?


I solved my problem by installing Codec Pack All-In-1