Ok... I work in hotel and one of my designated tasks is maintaining our guest computers. I would like a to implement a system of accounts so I can manage who used the computer when. Is there anyway of setting something like this up?

You can setup a Guest Account.

Did that answer your question?

Maybe I wasnt clear enough. I want to be able to see individual logon user accounts. such as "# 5:logon 2:30pm, # 22:logon 3:45am, # 1, ect... I imagine I would need some kind of special software to do this I just dont if I do. And if I do, what kind.


It's called the event viewer.

You may need some hardware firewall like sonicwall or a proxy server to monitor these traffic.

Yeah but, you can also "monitor" this in event viewer.

Yes. I didn't read his second post properly. If he is only concern with the logon and logoff, auditing via policies will be sufficient.

im sure there is software available to do this.. give google a try

how many computers are we talking about? how many users? desktops or laptops.. any netowrk?

Its just one desktop. There could be as many as 72 different guests that could log onto the computer.

Thanks Mad Dog I had no idea what the event viewer was used for. I guess it's name should have given it away.

Sorry for not being in more detail I was tired as I am now.

Start / Settings / Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Event Viewer

may be a bit hard in XP home. It has no local security policy tool