My new Acer laptop just got infected by spyware, and the only way to repair it is to delete the hardrive and completely reinstall windows XP, the problem is the installation disk that comes with the computer got misplaced, and CompUSA says they cannot even restore it without the disk and cannot provide me with a backup copy. My question is how can i obtain this disk or is there a place i can download the XP files and drivers i need to restore it back to normal

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"CompUSA says ....... cannot provide me with a backup copy." They've just gotta be joking. It is the license key that you pay for, the CD and its files is just 50c worth of fancy plastic. Get hard with them. Is there a local branch? - they should just burn you a copy out of hand. Sheesh. Your cd may have had a special image made for you, it may have had the OEM key on it in an unattended installation winnt.sif file [which could be why they will not replace it..??!!]... - i dunno. OEM keys only work with OEM cd's.
BUT...But IF you have the COA with your own key [or otherwise know your key] then this should work: get an Xp cd with the SAME sp as you had... eg XP+SP2... from a friend, plus his key.... [now you will be scaring him.. :)]. Install using his key, ### go to activation - you should be informed that the key is in use but will be given the option to change the key: plug in your own. Bingo. I think. Pretty sure, actually....

### or at this point, instead of activating, use this software to change the key to your own and then activate normally. http://www.majorgeeks.com/download4138.html
Don't know your key, but the pc is still sorta working? Then that lil pgm, Rock XP, will find it for you...
Tell us how you get on, and what you did...

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